Event description

8th Annual Tournament of Champions

Qualifying pool tournaments will be held prior to September 9th, cost to play is $10

Winner of each Qualifier will play on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 at 10:30am in the Tournament of Champions.  Tables will be set up on the street in Veterans Park.

Qualifying Tournaments:

Tuesday August 22rd                 Monkey’s            7:00pm

Wednesday August 23th            Bottoms up             7:00pm

Thursday August 24th                Pourhouse              7:00pm

Saturday August 26th                Nita Brew             11:00AM

Sunday August 27th                   Sunrise                   1:00pm

Sunday August 27th                 Johnny’s                    3:30pm

Sunday August 27th            4 stools short                  6:30pm


Monday August 28th             Pourhouse                     7:00pm

Tuesday August 29th,     Whiskey Rapids Saloon     7:00pm

Wednesday August 30st              Mulligans              7:00pm

Thursday August 31st             4 stools short             7:00pm

Sunday September 3nd            Layla’s                       4:00pm


Monday September 4th           Johnny’s                     7:00pm

Tuesday September 5th          Monkey’s                   7:00pm

Wednesday September 6th     Layla’s                       7:00pm

Thursday September 7th     Whiskey Rapids Saloon 7:00pm